Are you looking for a fun, creative and powerful way to plan out your future?

If so, Designing Your Destiny is for YOU! 

Everything you need to know: 

What are they?

Vision boards are an extremely powerful tool filled with pictures, words and phrases that will help you reach a new level in your life. Through a daily, visual reminder, they will help you bring forth your vision BEYOND the vision!

With each year, I have added new things and ways of going about the vision board process. As I have updated my vision board ritual, the results have just gotten better and better. I have seen the power of vision boards first hand; that is why I have created this course!!!


So many people ask me,

“how do you do that?”

and so much of it is thanks to my vision board. By seeing all of my dreams and desires, each day, I have been able to achieve new things, gain more confidence and realize that I literally can create anything I desire!


If you are ready to say yes to yourself and yes to your life, this course is for you!!!


In Designing Your Destiny, I will share with you, my sacred vision board process. I will also provide you with a manifesting meditation and abundance checks!


My hope is that through these tools, you too, will begin to believe in yourself and your dreams! It is time to create the life beyond your dreams! This simple tool will assist you in this amazing journey.


I can promise you that vision boards will change your life for the better!

Why I love vision boards:

Manifestation is literally one of my absolute favorite things to talk about! It is amazing in so many ways. It is literally the act of believing in yourself, saying “YES” to your dreams, and then bringing these things into your physical reality! It is so much more than just manifesting or just making a vision board. It is literally you stepping into your power and finally taking control over your life.

Results I have seen:

Throughout the last three years, I have made vision boards. With each year, I have been MIND BLOWN by how much has actually come true.


Thanks to vision boards, I have manifested:

  • Dream vacations in ONE month

  • My dream coaches

  • A business that has tripled in just ONE year

  • Better Health

  • Balanced Relationships

  • A new office space in just ONE day (literally!)

The list goes on and on!

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