Full Moon in Gemini Checklist

It’s the last full moon 🌕 of the year!

Here is a check list of things that I do, that will help you make the most of these powerful energies!

Since the full moon is in Gemini, there is a HUGE focus on relationships. If you have felt triggered by individuals in your life lately, this is why! Although it can seem stressful, it is totally okay. In fact, it is a great thing because it is helping you get super clear on who you want in your life! As they say, who you surround yourself with, is who you become!

High vibes only, please and thank you!

You might also ask yourself and journal to questions like...

Who have a brought into my life in the last few months that really excite me?

Who am I not really vibin’ with anymore? Why?

What are those difficult relationships in my life teaching me or mirroring to me?

Who do I need to detach from so I can move into 2020 in the highest vibe possible?

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