How I Manifested my Dreams and Beyond

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Repeat after me: “I have the power to create all of my dreams and beyond. I am worthy and I am supported.”

Think about that for a second. How AMAZING would it be if everything you desired and MORE came true?? (I am jumping up and down thinking about all of the excitement) Well guess what, this statement is true! You really can create anything you desire and more!

Here’s the thing though, we so often get stuck in cycles of giving our power away or thinking “that isn’t possible.” This is something that we must put a stop to NOW. As a firm believer in the idea that EVERYTHING and ANYTHING is possible, by having these limiting beliefs, we are just preventing greatness from entering our lives. Why would you want to limit yourself? How is thinking negatively benefiting you? I can assure you that there is a 99.9% chance that thinking negatively isn’t helping anyone, especially not yourself!

Sometimes however, it isn’t as easy as just asking or putting it out there. Since we do live on earth and we do have specific lessons that we do need to learn, things might not always happen as quickly as we may like. Things might also not always be amazing. However, you can choose to look at these not so favorable experiences in a more positive way. Even though things sometimes really stink, I now embrace it and look for the good in the situation. Ask yourself, “what is this situation teaching me?” This will help you get through much more quickly and in a way that will help you stay more positive. Look at it this way, after you make it through another lesson, you will have another badge of honor. You will now be able to use this experience to help others in even greater ways. By sharing your message, you will be able to help others avoid these obstacles or if not avoid, at least flow through the situation more smoothly.

Keep in mind, if you stick to your goals, believe in them and trust that you are supported, there is a very good chance that they will come true and turn out better than once imagined! Through both the good times and the not so good times, reminding yourself that you are supported and that there is a greater plan, will get you through and it will bring forth a life BEYOND your dreams.

Through all of these experiences, we have free-will. Free-will is something beautiful that we have been given, as we are always capable of changing things. We have the power to create anything. Our thoughts do become reality. Our intentions do manifest. Anything you can think, is already here waiting to show up physically. And if they show up and you aren’t in favor of it, you can change it!!!!

Personally, I meet with my team each day in meditation. We discuss where I am headed, I ask God what they think is best for me, and I also add in my desires. We map out a plan of action DAILY! It is super fun and helps me to stay on track. You might not choose to do this, but I wanted to show you that it really is pretty simple to take control of your life. All you have to do is speak up!

I believe that creation, free-will and manifestation go hand in hand. Manifestation has been something that has come pretty naturally to me. It can for you as well! So going into the New Year, I recommend making a vision board. This is a simple way for you to begin to create, take charge and manifest the life beyond your dreams. I have created one for the last two years and have been BLOWN away.

Essentially, a vision board will help you to create your reality for the next few months, year, years or life! When I made mine on January 1st 2018, I got EXTREMELY specific. I will share this one example that still blows my mind:

I believe it was back in 2017, when I first found my now coaches. Keep in mind, I was a twenty-year old, just starting my business, from a small town in Upstate New York. I mean I had big dreams, but this was a dream that I thought could happen in a few years not a few months!

Anyways, I put them on my vision board going into 2018. That might sound weird to you, but trust me it wasn’t intended to be! I had heard all about these stories that others shared on podcasts by doing the same thing. To my surprise, it worked! After my vision board was created, I put it on the wall by my door in my bedroom. I walked by it multiple times a day. Every morning I would stand in front of it, feeling how amazing it would be, if these things came true!

Sure enough in February. Yes, ONE MONTH later, one of my now coaches, contacted me on Facebook. I was just about to leave a magical trip to Sedona, (which was also manifested from my vision board!) when I looked down at my phone and saw a message from one of my coaches. My initial reaction was “OMG THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING!!!” I was blown away that so much was coming to fruition so quickly!

Within ONE day, I was enrolled in their academy. Within three months, I was attending an amazing retreat in West Palm Beach, and by May, I was enrolled in their Mastermind, learning and expanding on so many new levels. This all happened so quickly, and I truly believe it did because we all had a soul contract. By putting it on my vision board, it just brought it to reality that much quicker. It has and will continue to change my life for the better.

It is a powerful thing when you set your goals, believe in them and trust that you are supported. When you are in alignment, magic WILL happen!!! Dreams bigger than you once thought possible, will come to reality!

Start the new year off right. Make the effort and honor yourself. You are in complete charge of your life. You can have anything you desire and so much more. I am rooting for you. Your team is rooting for you. The universe is rooting for you. It is now time to root for yourself.

You’ve got this love!!

With love and blessings,

Gabriella Danielle 

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