Meditation; The Key to Unlocking Your Intuition

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

So many people ask me how to increase their intuition or connection to their soul. I always give them the same answer; Meditation!

It is funny, as so often I immediately hear back, “but my mind doesn’t shut up, how do you expect me to meditate? I can’t!” My initial reaction brings me back a few years, to when I first began to meditate. For those who knew me back then, my mind was ALWAYS racing, I was a worry-wart, I could hardly sit still because I was always going, going, going. Trust me, if I could meditate, I am pretty sure anyone else can as well!

That is the misconception around meditation. It isn’t that we are trying to shut the mind off, it is simply, not allowing our thoughts to control us. It actually isn’t possible to completely quiet our minds. We have an ego, therefore, it is always going! However, I have noticed that through meditation, I have gotten my ego-mind to quiet down, A LOT!

When we are putting less focus on our ego-mind and more focus on the present moment and our breath, we are opening the doors for our soul to begin speaking. The more frequently we take the intended time to sit back, relax and just be present, the more we are allowing our soul to lead the way. This has honestly been the game-changer for me!

There is something so powerful about letting our soul do the talking. When our ego is in action, we are filled with fear, over-thinking and worry. When our soul is talking, we are filled with excitement, clarity and safety. This action alone helps one to begin to feel their body and trust their intuition! It is like getting to re-connect with a long lost friend. In this case, that long lost friend is your soul! Aka your truth.

This sounds great and all, however, I am sure you are wondering how to even begin!

First, there are many ways to meditate. It is essentially about being present in the moment. You might choose to walk in nature, observing your surroundings and simply breathing in the fresh air. You might find yourself in a meditative state while driving, washing the dishes or walking down the street. You enter a meditative state anytime you are allowing the ego to silent and are simply present in the current moment.

For today’s blog, I will go into how I began meditating:

  1. Set up a sacred space to mediate each day. This could be your bedroom, living room, office, etc. Just try to meditate in the same place each day, as this is where your intention goes. (my first sacred space was my dorm room in college!)

  2. You might choose to set a timer. I began with two minutes.

  3. After setting up the timer, get comfortable! Sit up or lie down.

  4. Close your eyes, and begin to focus on your breath. Take long breaths in, allowing your stomach to fully expand, breathing in love. On the exhale out, set the intention that you are releasing anything that is no longer of service to you. (repeat for at least five breaths)

  5. Begin to imagine white light pouring in from as far above as you can imagine. Allow this white light to flow through your entire body. Sit in this energy until your timer goes off, simply focusing on your breath and surrendering.

Anytime you notice thoughts coming up, acknowledge them but simply let them go. Let your focus go back to your breath. When you first begin meditation, you will probably notice that thoughts are coming and going like crazy and that is okay! It is just a matter of going back to your breath. Remember, you can go back to those thoughts after your two minutes are over with! (:

Your ego will go a little crazy at first, simply because it is not used to being present. Our minds are always going to “protect” us. In actuality, this is not protecting us, rather preventing us from enjoying the present moment.

The more you can take the time to re-connect to your soul daily, the more your intuition will heighten and expand. As you feel comfortable, feel free to add more time to your timer. The importance is not necessarily how long you meditate, rather the intention to do it daily.

Meditation is such a powerful practice, that I hope we can all someday incorporate into our everyday lives. I pray that this article helps you expand your understanding of this topic, as well as provide you with some essential tips that you can incorporate into your own meditation practice!

If you are looking for more information about meditation, check out my Soul-Getters Monthly Membership! It is filled with some pretty amazing guided meditations! (two new meditations each month) I personally find guided meditations to be extremely powerful and fun! Anyone who is looking for an easier way to step into meditation, would highly benefit from listening to guided meditations.

All my love,

Gabriella Danielle

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