Now is the Time!

Hi Loves! Today a beautiful and powerful message has been channeled through me, by my divine team to you! This message is all about how the timing is now. All of our hard work the last few months is paying off. We are safe to now step into the life beyond our dreams. 

Hello dear one,

The time is now for you to begin to awaken and step into your truest self. Your truest self and essence have been waiting for you, for quite some time. Now is the time. We pray that you allow these words to sink deep into your core; Now is your time!! 

Within the past few months, blocks have been removed, fears have come to the surface, major shifts have taken place. All of these things have happened to create clarity and room for your soul to expand. All of these things have happened to create freedom in your life. Your soul is craving freedom. Freedom is natural to your soul.

As your soul removes these barriers, old programming and even people out of your life, trust that bigger and better things are on its way. Trust that through this removal process, all of your desires will naturally unfold. Your truest purpose will naturally appear. The right people and opportunities will begin to show up in your life.

This process may be painful now, but trust us when we say, there is a bigger reason. You are expanding on a soul level. You are reaching higher levels of consciousness as we speak! This is the most powerful shift yet. Breathe it in and embrace these beautiful new energies!

Moving forward, it is essential to remember that all truly is well. Find peace within your soul, knowing that these shifts are not "bad", they are in fact, the biggest blessings yet. These shifts are helping you to create the life beyond your dreams, that Gabriella so often talks about. The biggest picture in all of your lives has yet to unfold. Hold on tight, as we can promise that the release of these biggest pictures will be coming very soon.

Find peace in knowing that all is well. Things are not what they may seem. Detach from fear and detach from worry. All is well. You are moving forward in the best way possible. Release societal fears and concerns, as we have it taken care of. As we have said before, things are shifting for bigger reasons than the human mind may understand at this time. Find peace in knowing that all of your worries and concerns have been acknowledged. All prayers are being answered. We have your back! We have your hearts in mind!!

To assist in making the process move more smoothly, we ask for you to "just be". Do not force. Take time daily to sit in silence or meditation. Now is an essential time to work on your connection with your own spiritual team and the divine. Now is the time to strengthen that beautiful crown chakra of yours, located at the top of your head. The more your crown chakra opens, the clearer your connection. Try working with an amethyst crystal. Meditate with it. Carry it in your pocket daily. Sleep with it under your pillow. The amethyst crystals energies resonate deeply with this universal expansion that is taking place.

Another tip we have to share with you is to allow forgiveness to flow in. As we mentioned in previous weeks messages, forgiveness is key at this time. Forgive those who have hurt you. Forgive yourself and forgive the world. Your heart is crying out to be freed of these stagnant energies. Release these things into the magnificent healing vortexes that surround each and everyone of you.

Also, releasing fears at this time will serve you tremendously. Letting go of past life time fears, karmic fears, self-imposed fears. Fear slows down all energy systems. Fear brings havoc into all centers, causing your energy to slow. In turn, bringing on sickness and unheavenly like experiences. Remember, your thoughts are the most powerful thing. As fears creep up, simply acknowledge that these are lessons from the past, which are no longer of service to you. Send them away with love and light. Acknowledge that you are a being of love and light and only loving and light thoughts are welcome.

As these releases continue, beautiful gates are opening. Beautiful pearly gates, which hold your truest purpose and self. With every release, you are taking one step closer to embodying all that you are and all that you desire. This is an exciting time dear ones! Magic is unfolding. Pure love is amplifying. All that is meant to be, is happening at the perfect time!

Believe and you shall receive. You are so very worthy of all that you desire. Get clear on how it is that you wish to serve, and then watch as we serve YOU! The energies of mother earth are calling for you to step into the purest and most beautiful essence of yourself. Now is the time. We, all spiritual teams and masters, are here to assist in anyway possible.

Welcome in these beautiful expansions. We are so very excited for all inhabitants on earth! The universal consciousness is awakening and expanding. Now is the time we have so long waited for. All of your souls hard work is finally coming together in a full circle; harmony. Diamond codes unite. Cells upgrading. Energy systems upleveling. All activating and operating at 100%.

With divine love and blessings. 

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