Questions to Help You Find Your Purpose

“How do I find my purpose?” is a question I get asked DAILY.

Trust me, I have been there. You are thrown into school and expected to know what you want to do by eighteen. The scary thing is, you are hardly old enough to vote and most likely can't even support yourself financially, yet you need to know then and there how you want to spend the next fifty years of your life.

All this does is bring us into careers that are unfulfilling and out of alignment. We are expected to work a 9-5 job, with a set salary and two weeks of vacation a year. If you are lucky, you love your job and have some flexibility. But that is the thing; IF you are lucky.

I believe that this is why so many people are unfulfilled and unhappy. This leaves most people questioning, who they are and why they are here. Deep down, we all know that we are meant for more. Your soul might even give you glimpses of what and who you could be. It is just a matter of acknowledging these things and bringing them to reality.

To be honest, I believe your purpose is to constantly grow and evolve; finding happiness in whatever you are doing.

However, I also believe we are meant to make an impact and be of service in a way that lights us up!

Get out a pen and paper and take some notes!

What are your passions?

What do people come to you the most for?

What do you most often search online or pin on Pinterest?

What kind of conversations excite you so much, you could talk about them for HOURS?

If you never got paid again, what would you still want to do because you love it so much?

What did you want to be growing up?

These are some questions I ask my coaching clients. Take some notes and do it daily for at least seven days. You will start to find common themes, that just might lead you to a career path that completely lights you up.

Cheers to never working again, because it’s not work, it’s FUN and FULFILLING.

If you are ready to live a life that lights you up and finally provides you with the fulfillment you have been longing for, a clarity call would be PERFECT for you! Would love to connect with you and see how we can unlock your truest potential.

Click here, to begin your journey of finally living life on PURPOSE.

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