Self Love; Just a Fad or is There More to it?

Within recent years, so many influencers have shifted to self-love talk. This is great, but what for? Do we really know the true meaning of "self-love" and why it is essential OR are we just trying to follow the crowd? Are we truly embodying self-love or is it just for show?

I have been sitting on this topic a lot lately. Through meditation, my team has discussed the true importance of self-love, in great depth. It is so much deeper than what we may think. Self-love impacts every part of our lives, on all levels, therefore, if we are striving to achieve a fulfilled and balanced spiritual lifestyle, we must understand that all foundations lead back to self-love.

You see, it is so much bigger than we think. It is so easy for us to fall into the pattern of acting like we are self-love guru's, who have mastered it all. It is so easy to say, "yeah I love myself, it can't be that hard." It is so easy to preach it, but are we really embodying it? Are we really practicing what we preach? Because when we seriously break down the true meaning of it, self-love can be VERY extensive.

So many categories fall under self-love, and unless we have been working on it for years, it is hard to say we have fully embraced and embodied it. As human's we have an ego, therefore, we can easily fall into judgmental patterns about ourselves. It is SO EASY. Therefore, it is essential for us to stay on top of it and catch ourselves right when we start heading down the negative self-talk path. That is literally all you have to do to start; simply catch yourself. This is the start to re-programming your mind. This is the start of living the most fulfilled life possible.

The ego can be our worst enemy when trying to improve self-love, therefore, I believe it is something we will always be working on and trying to improve! It isn’t something that I feel we can master overnight, in fact, I believe it is a lifelong commitment that we make to ourselves. It is like we are signing a contract to embody self-love in this lifetime. It is just a matter of whether we are going to stick to this contract or let it fall apart. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather stick to the contract and create the best life possible!!!! As I am writing this, wouldn’t it be fun to literally write yourself a self-love contract or commitment? I think so! A fun way to honor yourself and stay in alignment with your journey.

So anyways, let’s break this down. The idea of self-love is pretty simple; to love oneself. That is true, however, lets now go even deeper. Self-love is all about you, your values and what you allow in your life. Take a minute to ask yourself these questions. Be honest with yourself, as this is a huge first step when on the self-love journey. It is okay if you are struggling with one, two or all of the areas! Self-love is probably one of the hardest things we will face. Especially in a society where we have been trained to compare and judge EVERY SINGLE THING! This process will help you re-program and open your heart back up to love.

Are you in a loving, balanced and respectful relationship?

Do your friends support and uplift you or tear you down?

Are you working a job that brings you more joy than stress?

Do you look in the mirror and love what you see?

Are all areas in your life balanced?

Are you attracting abundance?

Do you listen and trust your inner voice?

Are you only doing things that make you feel excited and resonate completely?

Are you living for yourself or to please others?

Do you talk and think highly about yourself?

Do you give and receive in balance?

Can you see how this list could go on and on? Something so simple, is actually filled with hundreds upon thousands of layers. So yes, this is more than just a fad. It is a way of life. It is how each of us should be living! Loving and respecting ourselves first, so we can then show up in the greatest ways possible for others and the world. Now it is time to take the baby steps towards achieving self-love. In order to live a life filled with bliss, this is an essential foundational block. Because let’s be real, if we aren’t taking time for ourselves, how can we ever expect to show up for others or for others to show up for us?

Let’s begin today, hand in hand, as we are all in this together. Maybe find a friend or family member whom you trust, to hold each other accountable and travel on this journey with. How can you work to bring balance to at least one of these areas? With one, comes two and then three. It is a ripple effect. Self-love is infectious and once we start, this energy is life changing. It will expand further and further, helping you feel more alive than ever before. You will not want to go back to your old ways. You will influence those around you, to also hop on this beautiful journey. You will begin to see the shifts nearly immediately; happier, healthier, wealthier and surrounded by the most amazing individuals! When we are truly working on self-love, we are raising our vibrational fields, which in turn welcomes in all things positive and light. It truly is magical.

We all deserve this love and it always begins within. How we love ourselves, sets the standards for how the rest of the world should love you. It is so much bigger than we may think.


Gabriella Danielle

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