Spirituality: A 22-year-old’s Take on Being “Spiritual”

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Anyone who follows me knows that I often refer to this term. According to Google, spirituality means, “the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.”

I agree with this term, however, I would also like to add that I believe spirituality is living in connection with your soul’s truest desires; realizing that we are all love and that the “God/Divine/Creator” energy lies within us all. It is more of a way of being rather than just believing. It is great to believe in something, however, if we are not acting in a way that is in alignment with our beliefs, what is the point?

To me, spirituality covers ALL areas of life. I believe it is bringing our awareness back to our soul, always trying our best to act from a place of love. Will this always happen? No! We are human, therefore, there will be times where we react. There will be times where we get really angry and/or upset. We will say things we didn’t mean. It is life. However, living in alignment with our spiritual truth means that we will then own up to these mistakes. We will apologize and then self-reflect. We will realize that we may have acted in such a way, because something within is unresolved. Spirituality means that we are able to call ourselves out on our own B.S., because sometimes we are the only one’s holding ourselves back!! (Do this in a loving and healthy way, of course!)

Another key piece to spirituality is the topic of power.

We are so often giving our power away. As humans we often find ourselves:

1. Blaming others

2. Idolizing others

3. Putting all of our hope in the idea that someone else can create a better life for us.

4. Trying to conform inside a small box, simply to please society.

When we are living a spiritual-based life, all of these limiting beliefs will fly out the window. At the end of the day, I believe a huge core belief behind spirituality is empowerment; realizing that there is no greater power than the power that lies within. We are all one. God/Creator/Divine is one with each and everyone of us! This energy is here to support us and guide us along our journey on earth. Once we realize that this power we so often idolize, lies within each of us, things will begin to change and shift for the better. Tapping into this spiritual truth helps us feel EMPOWERED, re-aligning and re-connecting with our mission on earth. I like to use the visual of when Clark Griswold finally lit the Griswold family home in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. *Cue the music and lights now* Your world begins to light up brighter than you could ever imagine!

You might ask well where do I start?

I believe the most important and powerful thing we can be doing as humans is meditating. Meditation is the practice of being/sitting in the present moment. This tool helps to re-connect to our soul and inner truth almost immediately. Typically, as humans, we are stuck in the “go, go, go” mindset. We are so busy focusing on our external reality, that we often don’t even think to take a step back and tune into our internal reality.

Find time to simply be in the present moment. You might choose to sit and meditate, spend time outdoors observing your surroundings, or taking part in a creative endeavor that helps you quiet the mind and simply be in the present moment. It doesn’t matter how you choose to go inward and be in the present moment, what matters is that you set the time aside daily to do so, even if it is just for a moments. (If you are looking for guided meditations to do, I have listed a link to my membership below.)

A powerful question you can begin to ask yourself daily is, “what does my heart want today?” You might hear/see/feel a word, emotion or even an idea! This will be specific to you and your journey; TRUST.

All in all, being on a spiritual journey means you will continuously evolve and grow. Cut yourself some slack because you are doing so much better than you may think! We are all human, therefore, we will make mistakes. It is just a matter of how we choose to handle those mistakes!

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. The more we set the intention to not only remember, but to EMBODY this truth, the quicker we will step into a freedom-filled life, where things FLOW easily and effortlessly! It is such a powerful thing to re-awaken to the spiritual truth of oneness AND the idea that all of the power lies within.

These practices will help you journey inward, unlocking your soul; letting your truest light shine!

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