The Importance of Letting Go

Hi Loves! 

This Tuesday my team has channeled through messages pertaining to forgiveness, understanding and letting go. Below they will go through ways to let go and the importance of doing so! Enjoy!

Dear ones,

Today we will discuss with you the harmful affects of holding onto emotions that are not from a place of love. Some of these emotions are, anger, sadness, guilt, frustration and grief. As humans living on the earth plane, you are hit with a wide array of emotions and obstacles. It is very easy to get caught up in these experiences or to completely avoid these emotions. Both of these things are extremely common with souls on earth, and need to be discussed.

Holding onto a situation: 

Although change is the only thing that occurs every second of the day, humans struggle with change. It is hard to accept new beginnings and endings. Change is inevitable, yet often, something that so many dread more than anything. These emotional attachments are what cause humans to hold onto situations. Emotional attachments will vary from person to person, depending on the situation at hand. We invite you to take a good, long look at all areas of your life. Do you find yourself emotionally invested in situations that are no longer of service to you? Are you still holding onto grief or sorrow from the past? Are you having a hard time forgiving someone or something?

Chances are, you can find at least one thing that you have been holding onto. You might not even be aware of it, however, now it is time. Awareness is key in this present moment. Ask yourself, "what is causing me to hold onto this situation?" and then, "what in me is afraid to let go of this situation?" Sit and listen. Be honest and open with yourself, as this is essential in the healing process. As you bring attention back to this situation, you are able to formulate a new understanding. You may see now how this thing that you are holding onto has helped you grow. Maybe you see that you are afraid of something, that maybe you weren't aware of before.

Trust, trust, trust. You are an intuitive being having a human experience, therefore, you are much more powerful than you may believe in this current moment. What we are bringing you through is natural to your soul. Trust this natural life force and let it flow.

As you acknowledge whatever it may be that you are holding onto, envision your hand gripping onto it tightly. Feel the emotions in the body that stir, as you are trying to hold on. Trying so hard to hold onto something from your past. Using your beautiful energy to hold onto negative emotions, simply because you have not let it go. Feel all of this in your body. Now, envision your hand letting go. Letting go of the situation. Letting go of all emotions attached. Watching it fly away, dissolving back into the universe. Releasing all negative emotions, and setting the intention that all of your pure life force energy is to be restored.

Reminding yourself that by holding onto things, you are giving your power away. You are giving your power to another person or situation. Imagine how much more you could be doing, how much healthier you would be and how much more energy you would have if you simply let go of all that no longer served. Refuse to give your energy away. Allowing the natural life force energies to flow through you and into this world. Imagine a life of pure peace and love?

Through the acceptance and allowance of pure life force energy or love to flow into all areas of your life, you are welcoming in a life filled with bliss and abundance of all kinds. You are releasing stagnant energy that has been stored in your energy. You are releasing blocks that are restricting the natural flow of your energy field. Surrendering control and letting go of attachments, will heal you and it will restore you. Illness only enters when energy is blocked or restricted.

The more one chooses to let go and the more one chooses to "just be", the higher one's earthly bodies vibrations will raise. The higher one's vibrations, the happier, healthier and wealthier one will be. This powerful tool will change all areas of your life. Forgiveness, understanding and resolution will create a happier, healthier and more abundant lifestyle.

When one chooses to let go, it is allowing us, your spiritual teams, to step in and create miracles. We know what your soul is desiring on earth, and we will make it happen, if only you choose to allow us in.

By allowing us in, we are able to help you in ways that you could never imagine. We will help to transform sorrow into happiness, blocks into energy flow and most importantly, your energetic field back to pure and complete love! This love will bring forth miracles. This love will bring forth amazing opportunities. This love will bring forth individuals from your heavenly soul group. This love will bring forth the life beyond your dreams.

We are here today to tell you that it is safe to let go of the past. It is safe to release it back to us and back to the universe. By doing so, the life of your dreams will unfold. You will take one step closer to the activation of your highest self on earth. One step closer to heaven on earth.

We love you beautiful child. We all love you. Surrender your worries, surrender your pain. We are here now to take it away. Let go and let love flow!

With blessings and love,

Gabriella's Spiritual Team

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