The Power of Gratitude

Hi Loves! Today my team has channeled through a message all about gratitude and love. Very fitting with Thanksgiving later this week. I pray that you take some of this with you, moving forward each and every day. All my love! 

Dear one,

We come to you today to express our desires for you to start honoring all that you have accomplished; honoring all of the gifts that you naturally share with the world! It is so typical for earthly souls to forget that they offer such magnificence to this world. You have been placed here with such a sacred and divine journey, that just waking each day, is blessing mother earth in more ways than you may ever know. 

We ask for you today to be a little more gentle with yourself. When was the last time you took a step back and really honored yourself for all of the hard work you have been putting into this life? When was the last time you honored yourself for making it through something you may have thought would never get better? When was the last time you expressed gratitude for all that you have accomplished this past year? 

This is something that we believe is essential. This sense of gratitude and acknowledgement, will raise your energetic vibrations tremendously. By formulating this into a daily practice, you will begin to feel healthier and happier. You will see that things really are good. That life isn't as bad as the earthly ego may make it seem at times. This tool is something we wish every soul would incorporate into their everyday lives!

Us on the other side, see you as a beautiful gift, filled with love and all things light. We see that these things that you may term as, "imperfections", are actually the best things that you have to offer. These are the things you are working to embrace and to love. These imperfections are the greatest teachers. As earthly inhabitants embrace themselves fully and truly, from a place of love and understanding, the walls will begin to fall away. One will open the gates of oneness, dismissing any false beliefs of separation. 

Dear one, we pray that with each day, you begin to re-awaken to the remembrance that you truly are one with God, the universe. You are pure love. You are a beautiful being that radiates knowledge and peace. This remembrance will not only change your life, but it will change the lives of every soul on earth. The most powerful energies stem from love. By expressing gratitude daily, you are welcoming in the healing powers of love. Through gratitude, you are allowing any walls of fear to dismantle and fall away. You are allowing the purest levels of love and light to flow through your magnificent soul, awakening you on all new levels.

This practice of gratitude will bring in more positive experiences. Gratitude will attract things that you may never have thought to be possible. Gratitude will help raise your vibrations so any and all fear based thoughts and beliefs will fall away. Gratitude will lead you to the path of your highest good. Gratitude will connect you with your highest and greatest self. 

As earthly souls celebrate Thanksgiving, the day of gratitude, we ask for you to carry forth this energy into every aspect of your life, every single day. This holiday is wonderful, however, we believe that each day should be treated just the same. We ask that you begin to give thanks and express gratitude every single day, as things shouldn't just be saved for holidays and special occasions. This love energy should flow every single day! 

As you continue to tap into this beauty of life and gratitude, watch how the world around you begins to change. You will begin to upgrade from the inside, out. You will begin to see yourself and every other soul as a sacred gift to this world. You will begin to see yourself, the way us on the other side see you; one with the highest powers or God or the universe. 

You are so very worthy of this divinity dear one. You are worthy of this love. You are this love. We understand that it may be hard for you to first express gratitude towards yourself, and that is okay. We simple ask for you to try. Set the intention. By doing so, each day will get a little bit easier. Each day your heart will re-awaken more and more, helping you to finally embody love and acceptance of yourself and the world around you. 

With love and blessings,  Gabriella's Divine Team 

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