You are Naturally an Intuitive Being

Hi Loves!! Todays weekly message channeled through is all about letting our walls down. By doing so, we will open back up to the knowledge within, as we already have everything we need! Love & Blessings. 

Dear one, 

This is a time of beautiful transformation. We channel through Gabriella today to remind you; all that you need comes from within. You are filled with knowledge that expands throughout all dimensions. This knowledge comes from all over the universe! As the 2018 year begins to come to an end, we ask for you to set the intention daily that you are awakening more and more.


You are naturally an intuitive being. You came down to the earth, fully open and fully aware. It was through karmic energies, fear, anger, so on and so forth, that your precious soul began to close off. Breathe this in. Breathing in the knowing that all lies within. You have everything you need. Now is the time to open back up to this inner wisdom. 

Within your heart there are billions of chambers. Each holds, pockets of knowledge from all timelines and dimensions. Everything is stored within the heart. However, mentioned above, after coming into this world, you were exposed to energies that your pure soul couldn't handle. Energies that triggered fears from past lifetimes. Due to these occurrences, you created walls around your heart. All inhabitants on earth have done this, so do not worry. You are reading this today to be reminded that now is the time to work to remove these walls. These walls were put up for protection, however, we must remind you that you are one with all and all is one with you, therefore, there is nothing to fear. All is well. The more these walls are removed, the more you will naturally awaken.

One may choose to remove these walls in a variety of ways. We suggest taking some time to free write. Write out some of your fears, or things that you feel might serve as "blocks". Allow emotions to flow and the pencil to write. Do not think, simply allow the natural flow to take place. Repeat this practice as often as you need.

You may also consider following guided meditations in which you release the past. Forgiving and allowing beautiful divine energies to surround you. You may find a variety of healing and forgiveness meditations via the internet. Going along with this, each time you step into the shower, envision the beautiful water washing away all of your worries, concerns and old programmings. Allow this water to release and let go of any and all old energies. 

Lastly, we ask for you to forgive and just love. Let love pour in from all areas. Try to see others from a place of love always. We know this can often be a challenge, however, remember that these individuals are triggering unhealed wounds within you! Breathe and let go. Let go and let God. Surrender. As you do so, we will be able to step in, in even greater ways. 

As control is released, the magic will begin to happen. As control is released, soul remembrance will occur. One will remember who they truly are and why they came back down to Earth. The more you forgive, release and surrender, the more these walls around the heart will fall away. Access to the magnificent chambers will pour into the body once again! Messages and natural healing energies will flow through all centers within. 

With each day, choose to let go of control and open the heart. In this lifetime you are safe dear one. Let's say it again; in this lifetime you are safe!!! It is safe to be you. It is safe to embody love. It is safe to follow your heart. 

You are supported by the divine energies. The more you open, the more you open to God. Therefore, the more your soul will feel safe. This is the natural flow dear one. On Earth, all souls are meant to re-awaken to this beautiful energy. It is rather simple, taking small steps each day, as it all begins with an intention. 

From this day forward, we pray that you will begin to set the intention to let your walls down. Allow the natural life force energies to flow throughout. Trust that as you do so, you will begin to feel safe. You will trust more. You will be able to attract greater amounts of abundance, as you are worthy of all of these things. You are worthy of love, you are love!!

All the answers lie within dear one. There is no better time than now. The more you let go, the more divine energies will flow. All of your questions will begin to be answered. You will be awake or as some might say, "enlightened". 

All are capable of achieving this. Always remember this. You are a sacred being, who has so much to share, so much knowledge within. We send you our eternal love now and forever.

All our blessings. 

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