Your Miracle is on it's Way

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Hey you! I know what its like to be so lost, you have no idea where to turn. How awful it feels when the one thing you’ve wanted most hasn’t worked out. Or when you have gone through so much change and disappointment that you feel completely ALONE.

I know this heartbreak. How awful it feels when it seems your heart has been ripped out of your chest. Or when you’ve cried so hard that you actually throw up (gross I know, but it has happened) and you wake up the next day with eyes so red and burning that you are embarrassed to leave your bed. I know this disappointment and I know that horrible heavy feeling in your stomach that makes your whole body freeze. I have been there, in fact, too many times to count.

I have been on my hands and knees crying and praying for some miracle to happen because deep down I knew there was more. I knew that this couldn’t be it. I knew that this wasn’t how I was meant to feel forever. During these times, I was also comforted with the most beautiful presence, which I believe to be “God”. Providing me with the hope and strength to move forward. (If you are reading this today, you have also been visited by this presence, as it always gets us through, no matter our belief systems or how big or small the situation may be.)

Although I couldn’t see it at the time, I left my faith in this profound energy. Each time and through every disappointment, I would get up and carry on, as if none of that hot mess happened earlier that day or night before. Every time I made the decision to gather my courage and keep moving, I became stronger and stronger. With every decision to carry on, my connection to my spiritual team and God also strengthened and became more clear.

To my surprise, I would also get through each situation. Even the ones that I thought could never get better, surprisingly would. Whether it took days, months or years, I always made it through. Just when I felt as if I ran out of options, magic would occur. Miracles would show up just when I needed it most. Time began to heal all wounds and with due time, miracles began to happen.

I am here today to let you know you are one step away from the biggest miracle yet. Your prayers are being heard and they are in the process of being answered. Sometimes it just takes time for God and your team to align everything so perfectly, that all your worries fall away and you see that there truly is a greater plan. So that you see and believe in the fact that great things do take time, but they WILL happen. That you are destined for all of the love and happiness that you pray for your friends, family and children to experience.

Do not give up now. Your miracle is coming. I know the waiting is tough, but I also know how amazing it feels when it all comes together. At this moment, all of the pain will make sense. All of the hard times will become worth it. You are so strong and you are so loved, trust me.

Your miracle is on its way.


Gabriella Danielle

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